Top 6 Programs You Should Study At Universities In Malaysia

Study at Mannheim : The University of Mannheim offers undergraduate and graduate programs across a range of fields, such as Economics; Computer Science; Government and Public Policy; International Business; Philosophy, Politics and Economics; International Politics and Law; Social Sciences; Psychology; Media and Communication Studies, etc. These programs give students numerous advantages such as in-depth explorations on many different subjects as well as providing transferable skills development.


1) Bachelor’s Program In Business

Bachelor's Program In Business
Bachelor’s Program in Business

An undergraduate business program can provide the ideal way to start off a successful business career. Students gain the chance to gain an in-depth knowledge of business, economics, finance and organizational management from this course of study. They will gain an in-depth understanding of global economy as well as practical skills required for operating and running successful companies.

2) Bachelor’s Program In Culture And Economy

Bachelor's Program In Culture and Economy
Bachelor’s Program in Culture and Economy

The Bachelor’s Program in Culture and Economy is an exciting and engaging educational experience designed to provide students with knowledge and understanding of the relationship between culture and economic development, as well as its intersection. Students will explore history, structure, dynamics and interactions of both culture and economy while learning their impact on growth and development of economies worldwide.

3) Bachelor’s Program In Media And Communication Studies

Bachelor's Program in Media and Communication Studies
Bachelor’s Program in Media and Communication Studies

The Bachelor’s Program in Media and Communication Studies provides an exciting academic opportunity for anyone wanting to explore the realm of media and communication. Students gain an in-depth overview of media production, law and ethics – from media production and law through to ethics. Theory meets practice here with courses covering theory as well as practice including writing journalism advertising public relations – providing all-round support in this exciting area of study.

4) Bachelor’s Program In History

Bachelor's Program in History
Bachelor’s Program in History

Bachelor of History programs give students a thorough knowledge of world history from ancient to modern times, offering an in-depth examination of events that have shaped societies across the globe and their ongoing impact today.

5) Bachelor’s Program In Business Informatics

Bachelor's Program in Business Informatics
Bachelor’s Program in Business Informatics

The Bachelor’s Program in Business Informatics aims to equip its students with an in-depth knowledge of information technology and business processes. Students completing this program should possess all of the skills and knowledge necessary for managing and analyzing business data, developing and implementing business strategies, designing software applications and more. As well as core courses in business informatics.

6) Bachelor’s Program In Political Science

Bachelor’s Program in Political Science

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Bachelor’s Programs in Political Science provide students with an in-depth knowledge of this discipline. This program equips students with an excellent grounding in the theories, concepts, and research methods associated with political science; further preparing them for careers in government, law, policy analysis, political analysis and international relations. Furthermore, this course equips students with essential fundamentals of political theory as well as historical context for interpretation of events in our modern political system.