Incredible Paint Jobs Turn World-Leading Aircraft into Sky Masterpieces

Witnessing an airplane with a stunningly designed paint job is one of the most enthralling sights in the sky. Every aircraft is decorated magnificently, showing off brilliant hues, intricate detailing, and original patterns that will surely garner attention. From the traditional red, white, and blue color scheme of American Airlines to the yellow and green combination of Air New Zealand, the paint job of an aircraft is a way to express the nature of a company and make it look spectacular.

1. Delta Airlines – Pink Plane

Delta Airlines – Pink Plane
Delta Airlines – Pink Plane

In 2005, Delta Airlines showed their support for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation by painting their aircrafts pink and displaying the foundation’s ribbon logo near the front of the plane. Moreover, their personnel wore pink uniforms and served pink items such as pink lemonade and headsets on the flights.

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