Common Myths About Insurance – What You Need to Know!

Insurance can be a complex financial product that’s difficult to comprehend, with numerous myths and misunderstandings that create uncertainty about it. By dispelling common myths about insurance and discussing its facts – from understanding how it works to learning the facts behind exclusions and riders – this article will equip you with all of the information needed to make more informed choices when selecting suitable policies for yourself and your family.

1) Insurance is Too Expensive

Insurance is Too Expensive
Insurance is Too Expensive

Insurance may seem like an unnecessary expense in times of hardship or financial insecurity, yet some types are more essential than others in protecting us from financial loss. Some policies such as health and auto insurance are required by law – without these policies you could face fines or legal action should an accident occur without adequate coverage.

2) All Insurance Policies are the Same

All Insurance Policies Are The Same
All Insurance Policies Are The Same

Insurance policies vary significantly based on your type of policy and provider company, as well as understanding their reputation. Being aware of what the companies behind your policies offer can help you select those best suited for you; some providers may offer lower cost policies with limited benefits while others might provide higher coverage at greater expense. In these instances, it is up to you to decide which coverage options provide maximum value to meet your individual needs.

3) You Don’t Need Insurance if You’re Healthy

You Don’t Need Insurance if You're Healthy
You Don’t Need Insurance if You’re Healthy

Health insurance can be especially helpful to those who have a history of illness or are vulnerable to sickness or injury. There are many policies available designed to cover unexpected medical expenses like prescriptions, treatments and hospital stays; most insurers will likely decline offering one for those who are healthy though some companies may accept applicants without conditions as members.

4) Insurance Covers Everything

 Insurance Covers Everything
Insurance Covers Everything

Insurance policies cover an array of risks and expenses. Policies vary greatly depending on what type of policy is purchased with which company, meaning every policy covers different expenses. Although insurance may cover many expenses, each type has unique exclusions and limitations that must be understood before purchasing one.

5) Exclusions and Riders Don’t Matter

Exclusions And Riders Don't Matter
Exclusions And Riders Don’t Matter

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Exclusions are defined as items or incidents not covered by your policy, designed to limit how much will be paid out in claims and protect both the company and you when needed. It’s tempting to opt for policies with more coverage, but remember you may end up paying more; so before making such a choice it is essential to weigh all options before deciding whether it is worthwhile paying more for such policies.


Insurance can be an intricate financial product to understand, with numerous myths and misconceptions clouding the waters. Understanding these misconceptions will enable you to make better informed decisions when selecting an insurance policy that best meets your needs and protect against unexpected events. From understanding how it works to exploring exclusions and riders, we have covered everything you need to know in order to select an adequate policy and cover yourself from unexpected happenings.