The 5 Best Universities To Study Psychology

Best Universities To Study Psychology Those interested in studying psychology need to know which schools are the most suited to this discipline. Selecting an Ivy League school, state school or international university for your psychology degree could make all the difference to its success and failure; these options provide plenty of great options available today.

Here are five universities you should consider when seeking to earn a degree in psychology. Each provides excellent educational resources that will lead to a rewarding career path; these range from top Ivy League institutions to lesser-known, smaller schools – each providing top quality psychology training.

Best Universities to Study Psychology

1) Harvard University

Harvard is consistently ranked one of the premier universities worldwide and home to an exceptional psychology program offering an all-around liberal arts education that covers many diverse subject matters.

Harvard University

Both programs at Harvard offer Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degrees that focus on traditional psychology studies while the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) program caters more towards business- and applied psychology-oriented students who wish to enter business sectors or apply their studies within these sectors. Graduating requires completion of either a senior thesis or research project – making Harvard psychology programs extremely selective.

2) Stanford University

Stanford University Stanford University is another top choice for psychology majors. Their highly selective psychology program requires applicants to submit SAT/ACT scores, three letters of recommendation and an essay about themselves for consideration. Once accepted, tuition costs approximately $43,000 annually – making the Stanford psychology program ideal preparation for various career paths.

Stanford University

Stanford University’s degrees offer a comprehensive array of courses to help students identify their individual strengths and interests, with options spanning applied psychology, biological sciences, communications, computer science, economics, humanities, mathematics philosophy sociology statistics among others.

3) Yale University

Yale University consistently ranks as one of the premier educational institutions worldwide. Yale offers both a B.A. and B.S. degree in Psychology with either an emphasis on human development or social psychology; both degrees offer comprehensive instruction to prepare students for various career paths.

Yale University

Yale University provides various psychology-related teaching, research and applied fields of study for its highly selective program in psychology. You’ll need an exceptional academic record and letters of recommendation in order to gain admission; Yale is notable for having several advantages that make it stand out as an outstanding choice for psychology students; its campus is beautiful while only around 100 people pursue degrees in the discipline each year.

4) University Of Cambridge

Cambridge is widely recognized as one of the oldest universities in the world and is also one of the finest places to study psychology. Cambridge Psychology Program caters specifically to those looking to become research psychologists; as it’s highly selective, applicants must possess both strong academic credentials and letters from faculty as well as submit a research proposal before being admitted into this highly selective course of study.

University of Cambridge

At Cambridge, the psychology program encompasses courses in experimental and developmental psychology, human neuroscience, social psychology, statistics and experimental methods in psychology. Cambridge prides itself on research – offering its students the chance to earn a Ph.D.

5) University Of California, Berkeley

The University of California, Berkeley stands out among universities as an outstanding psychology program. Students may earn either a B.A. or B.S. in psychology here and both degrees cover a comprehensive array of courses designed to prepare them for various career paths; admission into both programs is highly selective.

Best Universities to Study Psychology
University of California, Berkeley image credit

Berkeley Psychology Program courses cover abnormal psychology, biological bases of behavior, cognition, social psychology and statistics; students complete an honors thesis prior to graduating. Berkeley psychology is known for hands-on learning opportunities.

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Selecting an institution for your psychology degree is an important decision, with numerous universities offering quality psychology programs. When researching programs side-by-side and making comparisons between them, keep an eye out for degree type offerings, class size differences and faculty availability as key criteria in selecting your best school fit. Once ready to apply make sure to have submitted the most impressive application possible to ensure acceptance into your desired psychology degree program.